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Tips for long-distance parenting

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2024 | Family Law

After a divorce, one parent will sometimes move away from the area. This can split up a parent and their children. But, this doesn’t mean that the parent who doesn’t live with the children has to give up on a relationship with them. 

Long-distance parenting isn’t always easy, but it can work if the parents work together for the good of the children. Finding ways for the long-distance parent and child to grow their relationship is important. 

Use technology to your advantage

Technology is often one of the biggest advantages that long-distances have these days. With virtual options for staying in contact with the children, it’s easier for parents to connect. Reading stories or helping with homework over video chat, texting periodically throughout the day and sharing pictures and videos through email are all options on top of just regular phone calls. 

Remember in-person visits are important

While virtual visits can help the parent to remain in contact with their children, it’s critical they remember that the in-person visits are vitally important. Depending on the distance, it might not always be feasible for the child to travel, but the parent may be able to take a little time off work to travel to the child.

The parenting plan is a good place to start to ensure that the long-distance relationship can thrive. All the terms should be included in writing so both parents can remember what they agreed to and what should happen. Working with someone who can guide this process may take some of the stress out of the situation.