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Skilled And Experienced Aviation Law Attorneys In Ohio

Waite, Tomb & Eberly is available to assist a wide range of clients in the aviation industry including pilots, airports, airlines, fixed-base operators, insurers, and other entities. We handle matters ranging from negligence claims and administrative enforcement actions to transactional matters such as purchases, sales, and fractional ownership of aircraft.

Attorney Wayne Waite of Waite, Tomb & Eberly has extensive experience assisting clients with all types of aviation law.

Attorney Wayne Waite is:

  • An instrument rated private pilot with over 450 hours of flight time experience
  • An adjunct law professor of Aviation Law at Sinclair Community College
  • A panel counsel for the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association
  • A member of the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association
  • Owner of 2 Cirrus SR22 aircraft based out of Greene County Airport in Xenia, Ohio

Aviation Law Services


Waite, Tomb & Eberly defends manufacturers, pilots, fixed-base operators, flight schools, airports, maintenance facilities, and other businesses involved in the aviation industry that may face civil litigation. We have the experience and resources to protect the interests of our clients if litigation should arise. We work to minimize the impact of litigation and achieve optimal outcomes for our clients by taking a hands-on approach that involves counseling and keeping our clients informed throughout every step of the process.

Aircraft Transactions

With many ways to lease, purchase or sell an aircraft, each transaction is unique. Whether our client is a corporate flight department looking to add aircraft to the fleet or a first-time buyer looking to lease or purchase a single airplane, we are experienced in assisting clients through the entire transaction.

Aviation Business Counseling

We have experience with a wide array of aviation business counseling, such as assistance with forming entities to own an aircraft and operate flight schools and maintenance facilities, revising operating agreements, and negotiating fuel contracts with and for airport authorities.

FAA Enforcement Actions

We have experience defending pilots, Part 121 and 135 operators, and others facing letters of investigation, suspension or revocation of operating certificates, or assessments of civil penalties.

Regulatory Compliance

The aviation industry is built upon a vast and complex regulatory framework. We stay abreast of regulatory changes and work with pilots, airports, operators, and business owners to navigate the maze of regulatory compliance.

Environmental Matters

We are versed in environmental compliance related to airport operations, aviation manufacturing facilities, and defense of enforcement matters related to the aviation industry. These matters range from refueling and de-icing operations at larger airports, to compliance matters at smaller regional and local airports. Our experience in environmental permitting allows us to evaluate the compliance status of a facility and proactively address concerns that might be raised by regulatory agencies.

UAS (Drone) Operations

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as “drones,” have grown in popularity over the past several years. At the same time, local, state, and federal agencies are working to put regulatory standards and safety requirements in place to protect the public. As the FAA has formalized the regulatory framework for UAS, operators for business or personal purposes must be aware of what the FAA deems safe and legal operation of UAS within airspace.

Flying Club Organization

Flying clubs are an attractive and affordable option for groups of pilots to purchase aircraft for recreational or business purposes. Proper planning and organization of a club is key to ensuring regulatory compliance and to increase protection from liabilities.

Experienced legal representation matters. Call Waite, Tomb & Eberly today to discuss your aviation law needs.