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Experienced Allies Throughout Your Wrongful Death Claim

After a tragic fatal accident, nothing can bring back your loved one. However, you can hold the negligent party accountable through a wrongful death lawsuit. Your claim can also recover financial compensation to pay for funeral costs, lost wages and loss of future income.

Waite, Tomb & Eberly is the experienced yet caring team of attorneys to help you. From our office in Troy, we work with people throughout Ohio who lost loved ones to a wrongful death incident.

Providing Support And Reducing Your Stress

In the tragic circumstance of a death due to negligence or recklessness, our injury lawyers can discuss whether you may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim. We understand that a wrongful death claim can add stress during a time when you need to focus on your family. Not only are you experiencing the overwhelming grief of your loss, but also the stress of managing your loved one’s personal and financial affairs. We can help by handling the details of your claim and working diligently to get the compensation that will help protect your family’s future.

Wrongful Death Claims: What To Know

We understand that the legal and insurance systems can seem overwhelming after losing a loved one. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling wrongful death claims. These are a few things we think it is important for you to know if you are considering one:

  1. In Ohio, the personal representative for the deceased person’s estate has the right to file a claim.
  2. You can seek damages such as burial expenses, funeral costs, medical bills, lost wages, loss of income and loss of consortium.
  3. Lawsuits are not always necessary to recover compensation. Often, we can negotiate a favorable settlement.

You can expect us to handle your claim with utmost respect and compassion. To us, money is not as important as helping you find closure and move forward in your life.

Watch Out For The Statute Of Limitations

In Ohio, there is a statute of two years for wrongful death claims. You must file your lawsuit within two years from the date of your loved one’s accident. If not, you lose the right to seek compensation for your damages. This short timeline makes it critical to work with experienced lawyers like us who can gather evidence, file the correct paperwork quickly and put together a persuasive case before the deadline.

Reach Out Today To Get Our Assistance

The sooner you contact Waite, Tomb & Eberly, the sooner we can determine whether you have a case and then get started on it. To request an initial consultation with us, please call 937-753-5685 or send us an email today.