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Avoid doing these things after a motor vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2024 | Personal Injury

Being involved in a motor vehicle crash is a traumatic experience. Some people get so nervous after this type of event that they can’t think clearly. Yet, whenever possible, there are some points that anyone in this situation should keep in mind.

Making sure that you avoid a few errors may help to protect your right to seek compensation if you suffer injuries as a result of a crash caused by another’s negligence.


Never say anything that could be construed as an apology for the crash. This includes everything from saying you’re sorry the crash occurred to apologizing for the injuries of the other person. The issue with these types of statements is that they can be used against you if you opt to pursue a compensation claim.

Minimizing your injuries

Some people try to “tough it out” when they’re injured, but this can work against you when you have a personal injury claim. It’s best to seek medical care immediately because that care can tie the injuries together with the crash. This can also be viewed as mitigating damages, which can be important in a personal injury claim.

Posting on social media

The defendant in a personal injury case may scrutinize your social media to determine if your injuries are as serious as you’re claiming. Think carefully before you post because what you say online could be used to undermine your case.

Personal injury claims are often complex matters, partially because a crash victim needs to determine how much to seek in compensation. This includes any bills already received, but it also needs to account for what related expenses victims will incur in the future. These cases must be filed within a specific time period, so it’s best to not delay getting started. Seeking personalized legal guidance in the wake of a crash is a good way to get going in this regard.