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3 tips for divorcing a narcissist

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2024 | Family Law

Going through a divorce is a complex process that can take considerable time, but it can become even more difficult if you’re walking away from a narcissist. Individuals who suffer from narcissism have an inflated sense of self-worth. They’re usually unable to think about how their actions will affect others. 

There are several tactics that narcissists might use to retain control during the divorce. Understanding some of these and learning how to combat them is often helpful for those who are going through this type of situation. 

1. Avoid showing emotion

Narcissists feel more powerful when they can control situations. They may try to invoke reactions in people, so anyone who’s divorcing one should ensure they don’t show any emotions when they’re speaking to the narcissist. 

2. Keep proof of everything

Narcissists often try to twist the truth to meet their own needs. Because of this, it’s typically best for anyone divorcing one to have proof of anything that might come up. This can mean keeping copies of receipts or proof of communication. 

3. Prepare for a drawn-out divorce

One way that a narcissist may try to control the situation is by drawing out the divorce process. This could involve them refusing to negotiate on property division matters or seeking continuances if the case is going before a judge. 

Anyone who’s going through a divorce with a narcissist should ensure they’re doing what they can to protect themselves. Working with someone who’s familiar with these types of situations may help them to determine their options and thwart their ex’s efforts to control the situation.