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3 types of cameras that could help in a vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Personal Injury

If you suffer injuries due to another driver’s negligence, you should be able to claim compensation. Yet they and their insurer might seek to blame you instead to avoid having to pay out.

While the police can do a lot to determine what actually happened in a collision, sometimes they might not come to the conclusion you need. Hence, gathering evidence of your own can be beneficial to support your version of events.

Digital cameras are everywhere, and the footage they capture could be crucial. Here are three places you may find cameras:

1. On a vehicle dashboard

Dashcams give a driver’s eye view of events, and their evidence may be permittable in court. It might be yours; it might be the other drivers, or it might be someone who drove past but was not caught up in the crash. Even footage from a few minutes before the crash could be helpful. For instance, if it shows the other driver as driving recklessly.

2. On the streets

Many buildings have security cameras that are constantly recording. The local authorities also place cameras on some streets and intersections. Getting access to the footage could help your case.

3. On your phone

You can use your phone to grab a quick video of the accident scene immediately after the event. You might also find that a passerby caught the crash on their phone cameras.

Knowing that there may be evidence out there is one thing. Getting it is another. Seek legal help to gain access to the different camera footage and understand if you can present it to your advantage when seeking injury compensation.